Community of Aidan and Hilda

East Anglia Group

For the healing of the land through children, women and men
who draw inspiration from the Celtic Saints

The Community of Aidan and Hilda is a body of Christians who, before all else, are wholly available to the Holy Trinity and wholeheartedly committed to the way of Jesus as revealed in the Bible.

In the earthing of that commitment the members seek to be a Community of faith, drawing their inspiration from the Celtic Saints and learning from their experience and wisdom.

The Community has three aims

To restore
the memory and experience of the Church in the period of the first Celtic Mission
in ways that relate to God's purpose today and bring healing to the land.

To research
the history, spirituality and relationship to cultural patterns of the Celtic Mission;
and how these apply to the renewal of today's church and society.

To resource
personal and group retreats, workshops and the networking with link churches and
centres through the provision of materials for prayer, worship and study.

Members of the East Anglia Group seek to make a regional contribution
to pursuing the three aims of the Community
through the pages of this website.

The 'Diary Page' gives details of the Groups own Programme of Meetings together
with information about related events and meetings in the Region.

The 'Around the East Anglia Region Page' has information on places in
the region connected with the first Celtic Mission and on other
Groups who relate in some way to the Community's aims.

The 'News Page' brings you information on related things happening in the Region.

Past News Items are kept on our 'Archive Page'.

East Anglia Group Diary
Events around the Region
East Anglia Group Newspage
News from around the Region
Around the East Anglia Region
Places and Groups around the Region
East Anglia Region Archive
Past News Items and Reports

We have included many live links that will help you to explore our site and move out to
related sites. If you have any comments on the site, or wish to make a contribution, or
would like more information on the Community and the East Anglia Group please
contact us by email as below.

May the peace of the Lord be with you.

Our logo is that of the Community and is based upon the statue of St. Aidan
that stands in the churchyard on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The statue
was created by Miss Kathleen Parbury and placed there for the visit of
Her Majesty the Queen in 1958. It is eleven feet high. Aidan holds
in one hand a crozier, as a sign that he is a bishop: in the other
hand he holds his torch of flame, and he looks southwards
towards what would have been his main mission field.
(extract from the Pilgrim Guide 'Holy Island' by David Adam)

Prayer from the Community of Aidan and Hilda


I rise up clothed in the strength of Christ.
I shall not be imprisoned,
I shall not be harmed;
I shall not be downtrodden,
I shall not be left alone;
I shall not be tainted,
I shall not be overwhelmed.
I go clothed in Christ's white garments;
I go freed to weave Christ's patterns;
I go loved to serve Christ's weak ones;
I go armed to rout out Christ's foes.

For further information about
the East Anglia Group
Contact Geoff Saunders: tel: 01508 538550
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